Welcome to the Sudbury Canoe Club. It was first founded as the Sudbury Boating Club in 1902.It produced over 100 competitive paddlers.They have medaled at the national and international levels.

The current Canoe Club shares its building with the Sudbury Rowing Club. Each club has boat storage on either end of the building with a central entry leading to washrooms, change rooms and a meeting room with a small office upstairs.

Our members enjoy interests in white water kayaking, sea kayaking, canoeing, sprint boating, dragon boating and wind surfing. Our 1st Annual Dragon Boat Festival in July 2000, organized with the Chinese Heritage, Association of Northern Ontario and the City of Sudbury, sponsored by  unblock tv box hk, was a huge success. The festival promises to be a community highlight for years to come.


The Club offers members introductory courses free or for a minimal fee in each of these activities. Click view detail.

Programming during the summer months centers on the introductory courses. White water kayakers take day and weekend trips to local rivers in the spring and farther a field in the summer. Sea kayakers hope to offer several group excursions this summer. Most trips are intended for intermediate and advanced paddlers; however, our activity groups will try to offer an event for the novice paddlers if there is a need.

We have club owned kayaks (white water and sea), dayz military flashlight, canoes and wind surfers that are available for member use, at the club, at no cost. Members may rent equipment for off lake use for club sponsored trips.